Working with hints

A hint is a keyword, an abbreviation, a special term that has a specific meaning in a given context. This is exactly how a hint should be understood, it represents a term that has a very specific meaning in that context (hintlets). 

It is important that hints are only used where the meaning differs from general knowledge. The basic principle of hintlets.io is that no general knowledge should be communicated or described, since this is usually already very well described on platforms such as wikipedia.com, but so-called domain-specific knowledge, i.e. specialized knowledge from projects, teams, products or other subject areas that require specific knowledge


First of all, it is important to understand in which context (hintlets) you are:


As already described, a hintlet is the context of the information. And then you will also see in the upper line the hint:


Creating hints

To create hints you just have to click on the term in the text that you want to explain. While hovering over the individual words in the text, the respective word is highlighted and after clicking on it, the context menu is opened

In the context menu there are several ways to interact with the selected words.  In this case we want to create a new hint in this context (hintlet) and explain it accordingly. This can be achieved very easily by clicking on the menu item "create new hint for the hint yyyy".


As soon as the menu item is clicked, the new hint opens in edit mode so that you can enter the explanation there