Understanding the concept of hintlets


All your knowledge is stored in the context of a hintlet and thus always described in the context of this hintlet. This is what distinguishes hintlets.io from other platforms, because we are sure that different hints have different meanings in different contexts. hintlets.io respects this and therefore one of the basic concepts is the division of knowledge into hintlets


The implementation of the hintlets in the hintlets.io system will be explained here using the current hint as an example

Currently you are looking at the hint "hintlets" in the hintlet "help". That means, the term hintlets is currently described in the context help. Look at the navigation bar above and you will see a part that is red and a blue part. The red one describes the hintlet, the context in which you see the information.


As soon as you click on the button with the hintlet name, you will be taken to the start page of the hintlet, the start page of the hintlet is always the Welcome page. Here always begins the entry into the hintlet and accordingly it is important to understand this start page as well and to enable the best possible entry into this world of the hintlet

To change the hintlet the function is provided to list with a drop down menu to all hintlets available for you. With a click on the respective name you jump automatically into the hintlet.


In this drop down menu it is also indicated whether you are assigned to the hintlet, i.e. you have been invited by the owner, or whether you are the owner of the hintlet. You can recognize the assignment by the pin symbol, the ownership by the rocket symbol

You also have the possibility to create a new hintlet in case you need a new context to store, link and thus generate knowledge. Just click on "Create new hintlet" to proceed, more information about this topic you find under NewHintlet.

Further information