Get to know how to use the platform

Our goal is to embed the platform into your daily workflow and become a part of your daily work to make your work and especially your team's work successful

The idea of hintlets.io is to network information very quickly and easily and thus to generate knowledge and, at best, to connect people with experts in order to be able to deepen knowledge.

This simplicity is an integral part of the platform. Working with hintlets.io is supposed to be similar to normal internet surfing, except that you surf information (hints) in a defined context (hintlets).  

Get information

Getting information is easy. You navigate to a hint and read the description of the hint. This description is the important information that describes this hint

What the platform then does for you is that the other important terms or keywords (hints) are clearly visible and can be clicked. This allows you to quickly recognize which additional hints can lead to further reading and give you the best possible insight into the topic.

Just as there are several higlighted hints in this sentence, this will appear in any text written on hintlets.io that contains words described in context.

Generate information

Our goal is to generate information about a keyword (hints) as easily as possible. At best, this should be so simple that you can do it during the workflow or read from other information.