The BasicIdea of hintlets.io

The basic idea of the hintlets.io platform is to create knowledge from loose information and thus to provide friends, colleagues, acquaintances, interested parties with the fastest possible access to the knowledge of a team or group

Usage of hints

hintlets.io aims to achieve this by describing all information as so-called hints. This is especially easy to do, as the hint can be created almost casually. For example, words in a text can simply be clicked and then described and you have a hint created for a certain term

Organization within hintlets

Since some terms can have different meanings in different topics, we have divided them into so-called hintlets. A hintlet describes a topic, so to speak, in which a piece of information (hint) has a validity. It becomes particularly exciting when you find out that the same terms have different meanings in different topics/ hintlets. This is also supported by hintlets.io to help you build up knowledge quickly and in the right topic. Because we know topic is important!


Since we also know that information can be of different types, we have created a way to type these hints, to directly define certain attributes, if necessary, to make the hint as complete as possible. Without typing it is also just a hint and helps to understand the information in topic.

hintlets.io also gives you the possibility to see changes in hints, to adjust them, to communicate about them or just to rate them to distinguish better from good hints

We are also convinced that more information or background on a hint is sometimes important to understand the whole topic and make the knowledge complete

Personal exchange

This is how hintlets.io manages to connect people with other people who are particularly knowledgeable about a topic. hintlets.io supports this by naming experts for hints who can be contacted directly or personally to learn more about a topic

We are sure that only with the help of people and a good conversation a complete picture of a piece of information, its topic and thus knowledge is generated

Therefore we are hintlets.io, the Social Knowledge Network